Technical translation

Translation of
medical texts

Translation, localization of
software and websites

Literary translation

Translation of video
and audio materials

Private correspondence

Editing translations
by a native speaker

Notarial certification
of the translations

Search for information on
Russian websites with
the subsequent translation

Web design


      The prices are indicated per word. The price calculation can vary either way depending on complexity and urgency. Write to our e-mail addres: and you shall get the immediate answer to any question you have.

      Our prices:

From English into Russian or vice versa
 Text of average complexity:$0,07
 Technical translation:$0,08
 Medical translation:$0,12
 Law, Economics:$0,09
 IT, Telecommunications:$0,08
 Personal correspondence:$0,06

     The size of minimum order is one page, the price rounds up. Discounts are available to frequent customers.

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